Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Men – Best Designs To Look At

Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Men – Best Designs To Look At
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Finding the tattoo ideas for men? Choosing the right tattoo can be daunting yet Internet galleries can be helpful.

tattoos for menAlthough these emblems are possible to remove with today’s techniques, it is an important decision every man should carefully consider.

Your first homework is to find somebody who has the best rates and does an excellent job. Remember that you want a tattoo that fits your style.

Visit different places, talk with friends and they probably can give excellent first tattoo ideas for men. Again, choosing the artist is an important decision and the first thing you must do.

You also have to think of which part of the body you want it done. Do you want it to show it off or keep it hidden? For what purpose do you want to get it inked? Ponder over this.

Keep in mind that when you are getting a tattoo, your body is like a canvas. Pick the portion you think looks best in style.

If you are willing to get something big, the back is perfect for large concepts and you can expand it in near future.

For small art, choose the forearm, the foot, the wrist and hand (it’s up to you anyway).  These tattoos tend to be more discreet but that doesn’t mean they are meaningless. Sometimes, small and discreet art conveys more than large designs.

If you are a gym goer, it sounds cool to have one on the biceps. Tattoos on this anatomy portion are visually attractive. Professional wrestlers usually get them there. The movie Terminator 2 showed a character with a tattoo on one of the biceps. But this place, for one, is not only for big buddies. These masterpieces strangely look very nice on chubby guys also.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Here are some of the best ideas of tattoos for men. Take a look and enjoy.

  1. 3D Tattoos

tattoo ideas for men

3D tattoos are challenging for your eyesight. They make you feel you are in a perception test. These tattoos are more than inspirational symbols, they are mind-wrenching.

Before getting this type of tattoo, choose a talented artist. Make sure he has enough years in the industry.

There is a big difference between an incredible design and a “vivid” design. The 3D tattoo must look believable. It’s like bringing three-dimensional life to your body.

3D illusion began many years ago when Pop Art first appeared. It’s what we know as artwork today.

3D tattoo leaves people speechless. When they see them, they don’t believe their eyes.

They are not only all about a geometric figure. The best tattoo artists are able to make 3D skulls too!

This one is by far one of the best tattoo ideas for guys.

  1. Sleeve Tattoos

cool tattoo ideas for men

This type of tattoos has always been around us. The tattoo sleeve ideas for men are all over and let’s get real, for some reason, they are widely accepted.

They are ideal for certain workplaces because they are easy to cover up. Just use a T-shirt to hide it from view.

The downside is that sleeve tattoo ideas for men or sleeve tattoos can be costly. Save some money prior to the investment.

Don’t focus so much on price but the most affordable sleeve tattoo can be around $6,000. In general, a price may range from $1,000 to $5,000. However, very popular artists can do this job for much more money, 14,000 bucks.

First, choose the design and tattoo size. Choose between a half and full sleeve one. The design is obviously also important. Do you want a rose? Do you want a skull? Or do you prefer a dragon on the arm? The list of designs is endless but anything including an angel can look quite manly. Probably one of the best tattoo ideas for men today.

  1. Skull Tattoos

first tattoo ideas for men

You won’t believe the true meaning of skull tattoos. This one is actually considered one of the cool tattoos for men with meaning.

Many people associate these forms to death, scary stuff and intimidation. But the truth is that they can be also related to life, parties, celebration, and birth. Skulls are often used to keep evil spirits at bay.

Celtics, for example, thought skulls were the soul’s case. For them, skulls improved motivation, and boost creativity in difficult situations.

If we go back in time to the Renaissance Age, we see these figures were the representation of nature. Skulls remind you that you will die someday and life only lasts some years for a man. No matter how greedy you are, that money will come to an end, too.

If we look at them in an alchemical way, they are a symbol of consciousness and forethought. They are the dividing line between the irrational human and brilliant minds.

Skulls are popular in pirate flags and ships also. In those days, every pirate identified with them. Pirates believed that skulls had the power to protect them and give them strength. They also collect them to intimidate others.

  1. Half-Sleeve Tattoos

shoulder tattoo ideas for men

The most experienced artists take 9 hours to complete a half-sleeve tattoo. They usually complete this job in two sessions of three hours. But when it comes to full sleeve tattoos, the task would even take them 30 hours.

The truth is that the two types of tattoos are great. Half and full sleeve look nice but for some, the full sleeve is better.

Although some people think they look “incomplete”, half-sleeve are considered masterpieces.

They are ideal for those not ready for a tattoo that goes all the way down their arm. Try the half-sleeve design. They are part of the most frequently used tattoo ideas for men arm.

The half-sleeve is a design that allows concealing what you don’t want others to see sometimes. Some workplace environments are full of judgmental people. Don’t feel shame for the artwork you have on your arm but it’s always best to prevent issues.

The difference between this design and full-sleeve tattoos is the ending point. While full-sleeves go all the way down the arm, this one stops at the elbow.

  1. Anchor Tattoos

sleeve tattoo ideas for men

The anchor’s meaning hasn’t changed at all for centuries. People see this type of tattoos ideas for men the same way, from seamen to people who don’t like ships. If you want to show off some strength and stability, the anchor is the perfect symbol for you.

This iron piece is probably the most common thing you will see in a sailor’s toolkit. It provides security on a ship when the sea is rough and when dreadful storms blow you. Pin the anchor into the ground and the weather won’t stop you

This principle applies to tattoos and everyday life as well. The most frequently used designs hold the owner’s name. It is also common to ink other names, like the one of somebody we love and want to keep grounded. Dad and grandparents’ names come to mind in such cases.

Regardless if you are a sailor or not, this form reminds you that it is important to keep grounded and steady. Life is sometimes harsh and we need to be strong.

  1. Angel Tattoos

small tattoo ideas for men

Angel tattoos are not only for churchgoers or devotees. Angel in Latin means Messenger and they symbolize protection and optimism.

People affirm that these beings have the capacity to travel to earth and heaven. Their mission is to serve God, protect humans and the heavens.

They also protect us against our own negative thoughts. They dim those destructive desires and guide us even after death.

Whatever the religion you practice, the angel wings surely may represent something deeper. Fallen angels do the way around. They guide us out of heaven and keep us away from the people we love.

So, angel tattoos symbolize sorrow and are also reminiscent of suffering. But other designs mean that you have the power of life and rise after failures. It is a great idea to remember somebody who helped us out of a difficult situation.

  1. Arm Tattoos

arm tattoo ideas for men arm

Arm tattoos encompass body, bicep and triceps tattoos. In fact, there are so many ideas that you will never run out of them.

However, getting big muscles at the gym is not something achievable overnight. And with arm tattoos, you will experience as much pain as in the gym.

Just for the record, one of the most painful tattoos is the armpit one. This area is full of nerves. As a result, you will feel like the needle inks into the skin and not onto it.

But, lighten up. You have the whole arm to get a tattoo without so much pain. Mind the mixed bag, though.

  1. Back Tattoos

tattoo ideas for men forearm

Backrub feels amazing, doesn’t it?

Shoulder tattoo ideas for men are one of most attractive designs. But when somebody touches your shin over and over again, it gets kind of awkward.

This is another area (the back) that contains lots of nerves and many sensitive spots.

And for sure, running a needle all over that area is, at first, a pleasant experience but when it touches one of those spots, things get ugly. Therefore, it is recommended to start off with three-hour tattoo sessions but, if it hurts, reduce them to 45 minutes and be strong.

Although it is painful, in the end, for many, it’s admirable to get one of those. Back tattoos are generally expensive because they take a lot of time. Once the artist is done, you will have a mind-blowing symbol on the largest canvas of the body: the back.

  1. Bicep Tattoos

tattoo ideas for men with meaning

A lot of ideas of tattoos for men are in from very early ages. Years ago, Guinness registered the world’s biggest biceps. However, this is not the best biceps size record ever. 31 inches is the top goal of many.

Even if your biceps are not so large, a tattoo on it is cool.

Of course, you must keep this area always in good shape, otherwise, it will get deformed. And that’s a common problem in men when they get a tattoo on the biceps.

With that said, don’t rush, exercise harder, get big gains and tattoo afterward. But if you have already sculpted your biceps, consider getting it inked and that’s all.

Besides that, this one doesn’t hurt so much. But some areas close to the shoulder or elbow will really make you groan.

  1. Bird Tattoos

tattoos for men ideas

Oftentimes, birds make us look at nature in a different way. They are an amazing part of the overly admirable universe. When they travel in flocks, they give us the lesson that two heads are better than one.

There are many bird species, each uniquely different. Mostly, we tend to admire falcons, crows, vultures, owls, eagles, and doves for some reason. And the list is endless, indeed.

Yet, the overall meaning of a bird tattoo is freedom. Their travel is unrestricted which means they are free to drive anywhere they want to, yet limited by the wind sometimes.

Freedom is basically the meaning of tattoo birds but for some, birds signify more than that They see them as the second opportunities that life gives sometimes, like when we make a new change after a big failure. They show the bravery we have in some situations.

People often choose ducks and geese tattoos. These birds are the living expression of loyalty. They choose a partner forever. Get this tattoo if you are married. It truthfully conveys a beautiful message.

Other meanings are associated with healing and remedies. A bird is also a representation of authority. That’s how ancient tribes considered these creatures.

On the other hand, women can get this design inked as well. A small oriole on chest sounds like a cool tattoo idea for girls.

  1. Calf Tattoo

tattoos for men

Regardless if you don’t like leg day or you do, calf tattoos are amazing and a cool tattoo idea for men.

To kick off, this area is easy to ink and it doesn’t hurt so much. Feel free to pick this low-pain point to have the next tattoo if you want.

Usually, the calf is an area that most bodybuilders neglect. Tattoo aficionados rarely consider this canvas to get something inked.

The calf is comprised of two muscles. The gastrocnemius looks like a diamond. This one is the bigger than the other muscle that makes up the calf. Experienced tattoo artists do wonders with this diamond.

  1. Celtic Tattoo

tattoos ideas for men

The story of Celtic tattoos or tattoo ideas for men forearm is very interesting. Just take a look at the designs and you will notice they are different from others. They can be intimidating or lovely forms. The expression of life is intrinsic in them.

Who were the Celtics? What, in today’s world we know as England, Scotland, Ireland, some regions of Europe and Scandinavia. And let’s not forget that Wales was part of them too.

So, people choose designs of badges of honor, warriors, and the famous Woad plant. The most common tattoos depict men battling enemies with their characteristic armors on and pointy swords. Of course, there are many meanings involved.

To represent eternal life, for example, people get the pure knot. This symbol conveys that life has neither beginning nor end. It symbolizes the crossing of two worlds: the spiritual realm and the physical one. Interestingly enough, the eternal life design has become one of the most popular tattoo ideas for women with meaning.

There are other symbols tattoo aficionados look for when going to the artist’s parlor. Some of them are swirls, circles, and trinities, all of which related to things like motion, wind, nature and time. Another one is the cross combined with a circle which people associate to the four angles of Earth.

The best tattoo makers use the Irish Book of Kells to get inspired. In those pages, you see there are lots of patterns and amazing interwoven lines from which it’s easy to get some real inspiration. The book is full of mythological creatures, interlocking lines, and dragons, and all of them are great tattoo ideas for mn. They mean strength, protection, and courage. Additionally, trees and family crests are also among people’s favorite designs.


Men always look for the way to express their actions in their deeds, thus tattoos come into play. The best choice is the one that links beauty to meaning. Certainly, these emblems convey a message but not as accurate as words do. For this reason, quotes are among the most common tattoo ideas for guys, because the message they convey is stronger, especially if the quotes are from famous people. They are simply more impactful in the society.

Unlike most women, men tend to get tattoos in visible places. More importantly, if the tattoo holds an important meaning or a quote. This body art usually includes a religious image, a quote or a motivational message. One of the most popular designs is the family tattoo, which sometimes depicts mom and dad’s name. Family designs hold the best tattoo ideas for couples.

Last but not least, it is always best to talk to the artist before he starts the artwork. Price will vary depending on the area, considering that some places take longer than others. The highest pain- points are the armpit, and the genitals, but, of course, we didn’t include the last one here.

If you want to find out more about big or small tattoo ideas for men, sites like Pinterest may help.

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