10 Factors that Decide How Much do Tattoos Cost

10 Factors that Decide How Much do Tattoos Cost
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How Much do Tattoos CostMany people are concerned about prices of tattoos and it’s one of the tough questions to answer because prices of tattoos are dependent on various factors which we will discuss in this article. Without complete assessment, no one can give you a correct estimate of How Much do Tattoos Cost. However, we will highlight those factors in detail which are involved in the cost of a tattoo.

We are sure after reading this article you will be quite confident when it comes to making decisions related to tattoos. Each tattoo is a story itself because it reflects life story of every person and his/her thoughts. This article will be a tattoo cost calculator for you if you are confused about the price of the tattoo because there are different factors which contribute to tattoo prices and the majority of the people are unaware of these factors somehow.

1- Experience of the Artist

It is one of the core factors which are responsible for the pricing of tattoos because prices and skills levels matter from artist to artist. It is evident that a leading tattoo artist will undoubtedly charge you more while a majority of the skilled tattoo artists charge per hour because they have faith in their skills.

Experience is a crucial factor which matters a lot in almost any type of work because the experienced artist and Noob cannot be equal. The cost of professional tattoo artists usually starts from 100$ to 300$ per hour while if you are looking for a custom tattoo, then the price can be slightly low as compared to standard rate.

How Much do Tattoo Cost

2- Safety

No one will ever comprise on health because you cannot go to an unknown tattoo parlor just because you’ve heard it’s cheaper because it’s compulsory to consider a well-established tattoo parlor as you know various health risks are linked with tattoos. It’s always recommended to get tattooed from a professional artist who is following international health standards so that you can enjoy getting tattoos without any worry.

3- Popularity of Artist

It’s an understood thing that if someone is famous for any job or work then price will be high for sure as compared to an ordinary person. If Artist and tattoo shop has a name or its popularity in the town then rates will be higher, similarly, if an artist is not very well known then rates will be low. If you are thinking to get tattooed by a popular artist then you should be ready to pay a maximum of the price. It is the 2nd important factor after an experience which decides How Much do Tattoos Cost.

4- Artist Technique

A tattoo artist is known for his techniques and unique design. Many artists have invented their own techniques because of their years of experience while traditional tattooing methods are also a key factor when it comes to design and techniques. Complexity is also a factor that decides tattoo price or at least plays some role in the pricing as you know the more complex tattoo will be the more its price will be.

Tattoo Cost

5- Color of the Tattoo

A tattoo having a single color only will undoubtedly charge you less as compare to colored one, because colored tattoo requires much more effort and techniques as compared to simple one. Colored tattoo requires more time and when you are on popular tattoo shop then prices are hourly charged and that’s the main reason behind high prices of colored tattoos.

Tattoo Cost Calculator

6- Body Placement

Body placement is also another significant factor which decides how much did your tattoo cost because locations like neck, elbow, feet, and face are one of the challenging situations for an artist. While on the other hand tattoos on arms or fingers are much easier.

7- Custom Design

Ready-made designs are much cheaper because the artist doesn’t have to do much effort as the design is already ready, but when it comes to custom design tattoos then its price will be high because the artist has to create a totally unique design as per your instructions so it requires additional efforts and time.

How Much do Small Tattoos Cost

8- Location of the Studio

The geographical location of the parlor or studio is also a key factor which determines how much a tattoo would cost. Tattoos parlors in popular cities or big cities will surely charge you twice as compared to those in small cities or even towns. Here is an example, getting a tattoo in Las Vegas will cost you around 300$ while having the same tattoo in Seattle will have much lower cost.

9- The Size to Estimate How Much do Tattoos Cost

Just like a construction of any building in which biggest will cost you more than a small one, similarly cost of tattoos changes from size to size because for a bigger size more material and resources are used than smaller one while bigger tattoo requires much more time and efforts which also play their part in cost.

10- Tools

Tools are most essential part in tattoo making such as ink, needle, lotions, sprays, wipes and much more. If the quality or efficiency of a tool is less, then the price will be low. A professional tattoo artist will likely to use more tools as compared to simple one.

Average Tattoo Cost


We hope your confusions regarding How Much do Tattoos Cost is cleared now because these factors perform a significant role in the cost of a tattoo. It’s always recommended to talk to your artist openly before getting tattoos so that you can know more about them like their skills and experience because these factors are very important if you want to pay a fair price for a tattoo. Make sure your artist is using tools according to international health standards because a small mistake can cause a serious disease.

If you are looking to have a perfect tattoo then you should focus more in these factors which we have mentioned above rather than price because a crappy tattoo with low price is useless in comparison with an expensive one with better quality. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends who are planning to have a nice tattoo in future at a reasonable cost.

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