Ideas for Family Tattoos – How to Choose the Right One?

Ideas for Family Tattoos – How to Choose the Right One?
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family tattoosFamily tattoos symbolize strong bonds. They gather everything in one image. Some families have an amazingly good connection. In fact, some people think family love is the best blessing in life. And there’s no doubt about it.

The family is the first school we go to. We learn the basic lessons to live and endure our lives.

The love and patience of our family members keep us grounded and strong when things are all wrong.

Some people then, want to express their unconditional love in a different way and opt for family tattoos as the best option.

The variety of family tattoos is overwhelming and choosing the right one can be daunting. We rarely know where to start. There are anchors, hearts, quotes, trees, and many other tattoo ideas for family. Websites like Pinterest, however, and Facebook can give you many ideas. The problem may be in the meaning. It is best to find it out.

Here’s a list of 16 tattoo ideas for family. They all are great and meaningful alternatives. Best of all, they are also for women. So, this article is not exclusive for men.

1. ‘Ohana’ Family Tattoo

Ohana means family in Hawaiian tongue. This is a term seen in Lilo n Stitch, The word OHANA is associated to family bonds and closeness. The best families are cooperative and stay together through thick and thin. They never lose touch even when a member is away from home, meaning that Ohana is a good tattoo idea for family that died.

Ohana Family Tattoo

2. Arrows Family Tattoo

Arrows are trendy and usually meaningful for many families. When an arrow is alone, it symbolizes self-protection. But if there are five, they mean group protection. Likewise, they are a love emblem. In the Greek Mythology, Cupid used arrows to make people fall in love. This tattoo is a clear representation of mutual love.

family tattoo ideas

3. Birthstones Family Tattoo

The date of birth determines your birthstone. More specifically, gemstones represent the months of the year. Each one of them has a specific color which is equivalent to the month of birth of your mom, dad, and sister. They are truthfully meaningful. This tattoo is not simply colored dots. You can see other tattoo ideas for family members here.

family first tattoo

4. Tiny Family Tattoo

This tattoo is so small you may think it’s the smallest one in the world. This cool heart is so tiny that looks like a birthmark. However, it is very easy to figure out its meaning. You can get it to express your love for dad, boyfriend or anyone else. Tiny tattoos have a profound meaning and this is one of the best tattoo ideas for family too. It is more than a single “spot”.

family symbol tattoo

5. Sister Family Tattoos

At first sight, it’s hard to know why these sisters have the same tattoo inked on their skin. They are probably twins, and this is a symbol of the most important event of their lives: their birth. Consider one like this if it’s your case. Another idea would be tattooing your brother or sister’s birth of date. There are many possibilities. Take your time to think about it.

tattoos with meaning for family

6. Cute Family Tattoo

Family tattoos are cute things. This symbol is a good example of that. It is probably too simple for you but it’s meaningful for the person who got it. Oddly enough, the right tattoo seems to convey a deeper message. The colored one is amazing too but it would look cooler if it had the person’s name in it. Use your creativity and make it a nice tattoo idea for family names. Just let the artist know and we’ll see about it.

family tattoos for men

7. “Family” Tattoo

For some, it’s not a good idea to ink the name or the date of a family member because it’s like neglecting the others. Others think that matching tattoos can make the other members jealous. So, if you don’t want to neglect any, get an “all-in-one” symbol. The word family means you feel love for them equally. Give your relatives a square deal.

matching family tattoos

8. Anchor Family Tattoo

Anchors are the best representation of seamen life. An anchor is something you stick into the ground so the ship won’t drift away. But when you get it inked on your arm, you’re conveying strength and stability. The anchor is a cool design because it symbolizes strength and determination. It means you will stand shoulder to shoulder with your family no matter how tough the situation gets. Don’t look at the anchor as a sea-life symbol anymore. It’s an amazing tattoo idea for family symbols. After all, who’s with you in the middle of bad situations? Them.

meaningful family tattoos

9. Family Tree Tattoo

Everybody knows what a family tree is. A tree symbolizes closeness. It means you will always stay close with mom and dad (no matter if you’re physically away, your mind and heart are close to them). This tattoo also shows unconditional love. Additionally, it signifies respect for family elders.

family forever tattoo

10. Foot Family Tattoos

There’s no difference between getting tattooed on the arm and foot. This “2 and 3” emblem is a great example. The left image depicts 2 and 3 and the other “3 and 3”. It means strong family bonds, but most, in particular, the beautiful connection between three siblings. Definitely one of the best matching tattoo ideas for family.

good family tattoo

11. Together Forever Family Tattoo

The full message is “Together forever, never apart” and the ending line is “but never in heart”. This message is probably one of the cutest tattoo ideas for family quotes. The way this art was inked separately is amazing. It is even better if you can share it with someone else. It has the same meaning if you get it on your own and nobody knows.

family quote tattoos

12. Birds Family Tattoos

Who doesn’t like birds? Everybody does. They make nature more beautiful and enjoyable than it is. Be creative and add the names of your relatives next to each bird. Show this tattoo to the artist and he’ll do it right. You can also represent their character with a color (like shown above). Another choice is to use their favorite color and get them inked. Or add the color you think best reflects the character of that person. For example, if your sister is sweet, choose pink to represent her mildness.

family crest tattoo

13. Matching Family Tattoos

The above image is actually a matching tattoo. Matching tattoos are usually common in girls but they are not only for females. Men like circles, squares and geometric figures. This one is probably too simple but it isn’t. Circles, triangles and squares together express bonds that are hard or impossible to break. It is a great tattoo idea for family if you have two siblings or if you want to express your strong connection with your parents. It is also a very common emblem between cousins.

tattoos that represent family

14. Finger Family Tattoos

Vena amoris is a term that people invented even before medical science discovered it existed. It means Vein of Love in that Romance language. In those days, people thought there was a vein connected to the heart. The vena amoris is in the fourth finger, where we usually put the ring on in some cultures. The history of the ring finger is interesting. Getting the word Family on the finger is even cuter. Undoubtedly, one of the smallest tattoo ideas for family.

family tree tattoos

15. Ohana Upper Arm Tattoo

Ok, we already explained the word Ohana above. But let’s add the fact that it also works as a matching tattoo. People like it on the finger, shoulder or forearm because it looks cool anyway. Having it on the ring finger means “you’re married to your wife and family”. If you get it on your neck, it represents closeness and supportiveness.

family tattoo quotes

16. Family Handwriting Tattoo

This tattoo will blow you down. To make it better, ask your relatives to write their names the way they want them on the tattoo. You can see names, birthdays, and cards. It gathers everything your family wants to tell you. So let them write special things for you. You will keep it forever as a reminder of how special you are.

Family Handwriting Tattoo

The takeaway

Family tattoos hold a special meaning to the owner. This kind of artwork is more common in men but women also have them but in a more discreet way. They all are a representation of the unbreakable ties between your family and you. If you want to tattoo your whole family somehow, at TattooFlowers, there are many tattoo ideas for family to choose from. Just make sure to select the design that best suits you.

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